I have not time. I have not time.

Galois (1832)

in 1832, a 20 year old frenchman stayed up all night furiously writing. his hot temper had gotten him into a duel over a woman and he knew the odds of him surviving were slim.

so, this young man spent the entire prior night writing his thoughts on all the mathematics that he had in his head. he was no one in particular, rejected multiple times from various academic institutions and with little-to-no formal training.

in his frenzy of sketches, half thoughts, and ideas he wrote alongside the margin over and over 'i have not time.' he completed the odd writings and mailed them off that night.

the next day he was mortally wounded and died shortly at hospital.

in time and by pure chance, his frenzied 60 pages he had mailed off were discovered, and quickly it became apparent, many years later, the brilliance contained in them.

this young man named Galois had single handedly created 'group theory,' a huge advancement and turning point in mathematics. the product of a short life contained in one night's work.

this is my favorite story in mathematics.