bill and coo

the academy awards have always been controversial. films some consider worthy are snubbed, while others considered less so are lathered with praise. there is always on hand acolyte and detractors.

but there is one movie which i suggest should not have won any oscar ever: the 1948 film, "Bill and Coo."

"Bill and Coo", was a movie about birds, played by real birds, who live in a bird-circus like world (the town of "Chirpendale"). their antagonist was a crow, played by a crow.

the birds do not have speaking roles. the birds aren't interesting. they are just...birds. granted they were on little bird sized props, that's kind of cool. i guess.

so mind-blowing was this in 1948 that the film was awarded an honorary academy award for "artistry and patience blended in a novel and entertaining use of the medium of motion pictures."

stranger still, the Oscar was given before the film premiered. that is how pumped your ancestors in 1948 were to see this schlock.

and schlock it is, dear reader.

you can watch the whole thing on YouTube.